Marcin Zagaj

Marcin Zagaj

Who is Marcin Zagaj?

Marcin Zagaj identifies primarily as an educator. Although he is fascinated with the learning process in all areas of life, Second Language Acquisition has been the focus of his work and studies.

Magister Zagaj lived and worked in the US, UK, Germany and Poland. He studied teaching and linguistics at the Magdeburg University and the University of Wroclaw. He is fluent in English, German, Polish and communicates effectively in Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

Marcin Zagaj’s Personal Mission Statement

Be happy and make others happy. Create value by communicating with people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds. Achieve your goals by helping others achieve theirs.

Marcin Zagaj’s Leipzig Highlights so far:

  • Guest speaker at a Leipzig University Conference Interpreting Mock Exam
  • Violin performances at the Gewandhaus and St. Thomas Church in Leipzig
Marcin Zagaj
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