English B1 Grammar

Learning complex English grammar at a B1 level (CEFR) in Leipzig can be fun, fast and easy. The Callan Method Organisation has created a bespoke grammar learning experience and published the B1 Grammar Book to support and expand the general English course.

The material in the B1 Grammar Book is organised thematically. English tenses, prepositions, word building, sentence transformations are grouped in bitesize units, which can be incorporated in the lesson or done at home.

A clever answer key helpfully directs both students and teachers to the corresponding sections in the Callan books 1 through 7.

If some aspects cannot be traced to a particular lesson in the Callan books, the B1 Grammar Books directs to the first 7 stages of the Callan Method. This is often the case with skills that require extensive practice. If individual words or phrases need revising, the index at the end of every Callan Book can help to find useful examples.

The picture above shows an index of sections that are used to introduce and practice the continues tenses in English. Both implicit and explicit grammar exposition are used to accommodate individual learning preferences. The topic of continous tenses is revised cyclically at a propriate levels. This an other indexes can be found in the answer key of the B1 Grammar Book.


English B1 Grammar
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