English contractions expanded on

What are contractions in English? Contractions are shortened forms of two words, typically consisting of a subject and a verb, or a verb and a pronoun. For example, „I am“ can be contracted to „I’m,“ and „you will“ can be contracted to „you’ll.“ Contractions are widely used in spoken English and informal writing. Contractions are[…]

English B1 Grammar

Learning complex English grammar at a B1 level (CEFR) in Leipzig can be fun, fast and easy. The Callan Method Organisation has created a bespoke grammar learning experience and published the B1 Grammar Book to support and expand the general English course. The material in the B1 Grammar Book is organised thematically. English tenses, prepositions,[…]


 The Pursuit of Perfection: error correction in the Callan Method When it comes to correction during a Callan Method lesson the key word is ‘strategy’. Whether you naturally gravitate towards positive reinforcement, constructive criticism or free conversation, you shouldn’t leave error correction to chance. STRATEGY Focusing on one linguistic element and explicitly correcting the selected[…]

Q&A Routine

The Q&A Routine The Question & Answer Routine is probably the biggest perceived difference between the Callan Method and the traditional teaching methods. — What’sthiswhatstis?it’sapen. (10 words) Isthisapenisthisapen?noitis’ntapenit’sapencil. (18 words) Isthispencillongisthispencillong?nothispencilisn’tlongit’sshort. (18 words) — One can comfortably say 42 words in 9 seconds at the speed of about 300 words a minute. Some people speak[…]

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