Walk in Leipzig and Speak English

Walk in Leipzig and speak English

1. Meeting Point: Speak Quick School of English

2. Refreshments at Schwarzbach Gourmet Leipzig

A big thank you to Ms Schwarzbach for hosting and taking us on a sublime culinary Mediterranean journey. After a few small drinks and snacks we’re off to a Völkerschlachtdenkmal.

Schwarzbach Gourmet
If you keep looking you just might stumble upon an impressive wine collection.

2. A Völkerschachdenkmal: Kugeldenkmal Leipzig (Zentrum-Ost, Leipzig)

A Völkerschlachtdenkmal NOT the Völkerschlachtdenkmal.

It turns out there are many monuments to the Battle of Nations in Leipzig. The big one at the end of Pragerstraße impresses with its size but the little Cannonball Monument is much less recent, dating back to the mid 1800s and quicker to get to from our English school. The intersection of Chopinstraße and Inselstraße is just 7 minutes‘ walk away from Speak Quick.


3. Our final stop: De Scale in Leipzig, Classy Tailors and Anglophiles.

Leipzig Bow Tie
Trying on some classy accessories.

De Scale in the East of Leipzig is a perfect culmination of our English speaking escapade.

A great place for made-to-measure suits but also a hub for Anglophiles and maybe even an odd hipster or two 🙂

Damaris has clearly proven that  bow ties are for everyone 🙂

Lemon, lime or cucumber? What in your opinion goes best with Gin and Tonic?

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