Corona Hygiene Concept

Corona Hygiene Concept

(2. revised version, as of 14 January 2022)

Speak Quick School of English

Querstraße 27

04103 Leipzig


I. Preliminary Remarks & Scope of Application 

II. Infection control and occupational health and safety 

III. Infection control and hygiene measures 

  1. Personal hygiene 
  2. Mask requirement 
  3. Room hygiene 
  4. Symptoms of a disease, illnesses and contact persons 
  5. Documentation

IV. Responsibilities of School Leadership

I. Preliminary Remarks & Scope of Application

The purpose of this Corona Hygiene Concept is to describe the implementation and application of corona rules which shall be applied in accordance with the Saxon state government and its adopted amendments to the Saxon Corona Emergency Ordinance.

This Hygiene Concept applies to the school premises, as well as to the school parking area that is covered by the school’s operational responsibilities.

II. Infection control and occupational health and safety

This hygiene concept also provides information on the technical and organizational measures implemented by Speak Quick in terms of occupational health and safety, as well as on any individual protective measures that may be required. The considerations and measures implemented may need to be adapted to changing circumstances and will therefore be evaluated on a regular basis.

III. Infection control and hygiene measures 

The corporate leadership and teaching team of Speak Quick uphold and emphasize the importance of consistently following the common rules – maintaining distance, observing hygiene rules, wearing masks and ventilating – so as to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses in general. Speak Quick appeals to all students and other persons regularly present at the school to adhere carefully to the current hygiene instructions issued by the health authorities or the Robert Koch Institute.

Hygiene measures implemented by Speak Quick include:

  1. Personal hygiene 

1.1. Distancing and physical contact:  As a general rule, the minimum distance of 1.5 m applies at all times.  Physical contact (hugging, shaking hands, or any personal physical contact) is to be avoided. 

1.2. Cough and sneeze etiquette:  Coughing and sneezing into the bend of the arm or a tissue are two key preventive measures. When coughing or sneezing, the maximum possible distance to others is to be kept. 

1.3. Hand hygiene: Thorough & regular hand washing is encouraged. Hand disinfection, in particular when entering the school or when access to a washing facility is temporarily not available, is to be used. 

  1. Mask requirement 

Masks are to be worn on the school premises if required by law and/or if social distancing of 1,5 meters is not feasible. 

In case masks are to be worn, the following types are considered acceptable:  Medical face masks, also known as mouth-nose protection or surgical masks; or Respiratory protection masks according to the FFP2 standard or comparable.

  1. Room hygiene 

The following measures apply to all Speak Quick classrooms. 

3.1. Ventilation: Regular ventilation serves hygiene and improves air quality because the number of pathogens can increase in closed rooms. A supply of fresh air as high as possible is one of the most effective methods to remove aerosols potentially containing viruses from rooms. 

Classrooms are to be ventilated as follows:  

  • Before start of class; 10 minutes
  • During breaks; 10 minutes 
  • End of class: 10 minutes

3.2. Regular Cleaning: Even though the infectiousness of the coronavirus on inanimate surfaces decreases depending on material and environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, the cleaning of surfaces in schools is key. The school building is to be cleaned on a daily basis. The wiping of desks and other used surfaces shall be carried out after each class.

3.3. Hygiene in sanitary facilities: Liquid soap dispensers and hand drying options (paper towels) are to be supplied and restocked in a quantity that ensures regular and proper hand hygiene. Collection buckets for paper towels are to be made available and a hygienic garbage removal is to be ensured. Sanitary facilities are to be cleaned regularly, at least daily.

  1. Symptoms of a disease, illnesses and contact persons 

In general, the following persons are not allowed to enter the school:  

  • Persons who are infected with the coronavirus or show symptoms typical for Covid-19  
  • Persons who are under quarantine. 

In a confirmed Covid-19 case within the school, the Public Health Office decides on further measures, such as classification of contact persons and required isolation.

  1. Documentation 

In order to enable consequent contact management by the health authorities, the following has to be observed: 

  • Complete documentation of class schedule and attending students.
  • Complete documentation of the presence of personnel at the school. 
  • Complete documentation of the presence of additional persons by recording the name, telephone number and time of visit.

IV. Responsibilities of School Leadership

As acting Hygiene Commissioner, Speak Quick leadership is responsible for ensuring the implementation of this hygiene concept, along with reporting obligations and responding to queries or concerns.

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