Marcin Zagaj Leipzig

I’ve been a fan of the Callan Method for about 20 years now. I’ve experienced the Method both as an educator, teaching English and as a language learner using the Spanish program… learning Spanish…

Its conversational nature was what initially drew me to the Callan Method. When I understood the basic mechanics of it, everything else (in the Second Language Teaching world at least) seemed to be… (I don’t want to say a waste of time, but definitely) not as intentional (as the Callan Method).

The best way to join the Callan community and try out the method for yourself is to find your local Callan School or a Callan Accredited School in your area.

My name is Marcin and I own a Callan Accredited School in Leipzig, Germany… so maybe I’ll see you here 🙂

Callan Method | Leipzig Germany English and Spanish
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