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This image invites to an article about English contractions, including common shortened forms of words such as "can't" for "cannot," "it's" for "it is," and "they'll" for "they will." The chart also includes examples of contractions with more than two words, such as "could've been" for "could have been." This resource can help improve understanding and usage of English contractions in writing and speaking. SPEAKQUICK

English contractions expanded on

What are contractions in English? Contractions are shortened forms of two words, typically consisting of a subject and a verb, …

Freelance English Teaching Leipzig

Find you perfect freelance English teaching job in Leipzig and learn more about teaching English at Speak Quick .

Questions and Answers
Here are the answers to some of the questions we often hear...

Native Speakers only?

Yes. Being a native speaker of English in today’s world is an asset you can use to your advantage. Even if you don’t know all the rules of the English Grammar or if you are not quite sure if THANK is a real word, you know like in the past of THINK, you can provide a high-end learning experience to your ever-thankful students.

Speak you German?

It is true that speaking good German can help increase the efficacy of your lessons. However, our teaching framework enables English speaking teachers to connect with learners of English directly in the target language. At Speak Quick we aim to have a healthy mix of educators who are new to learning German as well as those who communicate comfortably in both languages. We’ll help you turn your lack of perfect German into a powerful didactic tool.

TESOL Certificate in Leipzig. Yes or No or Maybe?

Yes, a definite maybe. Needless to say, all forms of bettering yourself through attending courses, gaining qualifications and experience can be beneficial to your teaching career. It is important to state that the TESOL certificate will teach you the bare minimum you need to survive in the classroom. Public school teachers generally have to complete a 5 year university degree before they are allowed to teach independent lessons.

At Speak Quick we value, what we call, traditional teaching styles, in which our unique methodology is rooted. We also provide a week of additional training in order for the teachers we work with to comfortably meet the CMO standards.

CMO – Callan Method Organisation.

Freelancing, Visa, Tax Number, Health Insurance , Pension and more…

Freelancing in Germany and especially in Leipzig might seem daunting.  Your unique personal circumstances and the complexities of the German law will require careful consideration and are definitely beyond the scope of this brief note.

Studying Expat Blogs and Relocation Websites might be a good place to start gathering information about the process but from our experience, consulting a lawyer or tax advisor can be very helpful and not as expensive as you might think.

All we can say is that it does sometimes all come together.

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